15 Online Dating Questions to Ask Before Meeting: Guide for Guys

A good, thoughtful conversation, jokes, mutual understanding, and the sympathy that arises between you and a girl while chatting online  are the building blocks of a possible relationship.

Put this time to good use and find out some important questions to ask before dating, the answers to which will help you understand the nature and intentions of your new friend, let her know that you are an attentive man, and prepare the basis for a high-quality first date

questions to ask before dating

Reasons to ask more questions online before a real-life meeting

If you ask correct online dating  questions, it will help you to reveal some character traits that the girl wants to hide, and turn a date into an interesting discussion, instead of making it look like a job interview.

Ensure safety on a date

When getting acquainted online, you always have the chance to prepare for a meeting in real life (which is very important if you’re a shy person), to have more time to think of your answers to girl’s questions, etc. However, you should be careful and avoid visiting suspicious websites, chatting with people with fake accounts, and beware of fraud (fraudsters and scammers often play smart tricks on people to get their money or personal or payment information).

Of course, you can always protect yourself by using only reliable dating sites and paying attention to users’ behavior, but if you want to ensure your safety on a date with a person you do not know well, then you should ask this person the right questions beforehand.

Provide a higher quality of a real meeting

Knowing what questions to ask during online dating, you can find out what things a girl is interested in, where she works, what hobbies she has, what is her favorite color/dish/country for vacation, what qualities she appreciates most in men, what is her dream future family, etc.

All this information will help you not only get to know her better but also charm her, and then win her heart!

Build trust

When you begin to talk with a stranger girl about personal stuff, it may turn out that you both have a lot in common, including interests and hobbies. And things like these always help to build trust!

Good questions to ask girls online before dating

Just chatting about various general things is not enough to get to know a girl better. You need to understand what online dating questions to ask her.

For example, asking personal questions allows you to quickly get a better idea of the person. But you must wait for the perfect moment to ask them, and, ideally, have already established a trusting relationship with the girl you like.

What are you planning to do next week?

This is one of the simplest online dating questions to ask before meeting. However, it can help you not only to find out something about her hobbies or how she prefers to spend her free time but also about what her day-to-day routine looks like and what she pays special attention to.

Moreover, if you are already going to meet the girl next week, and, for example, she mentions that she likes to walk in the forest, you can make her dream come true in the most beautiful, romantic way!

What have you always wanted to try but haven't done it yet?

The answer to the question can be a real wake-up call! Someone wants to jump with a parachute or go to Africa. But some people have no desires or aspirations at all… And some of them start to share too intimate fantasies right off the bat!

online dating questions

Which of your last acts could you boast about?

When coming up with some good questions to ask on online dating, don't neglect this question. The answer will give you an idea of what things a girl values in her life, and what is important to her. In addition, if her answer turns into an ode to her honor, then most likely she is a self-absorbed person. And this will influence your future relationships for sure.

What's the top dating or relationship advice you would give yourself in high school?

Listen carefully to the answer to this question. If she is ready to give herself a piece of advice to be pickier in relationships, it may mean that she could have been a reckless lover. Perhaps, she is dating several guys at once at the moment. It’s better to make it clear now!

What do you like and dislike about dating?

At first glance, the question seems too general. However, it can help you better understand a girl’s intentions. For example, some girls just love to visit new places, shopping, restaurants, and sometimes it is the only reason they make new acquaintances. Is there a day in your life that you would like to revive?

The answer to this question will tell you about a girl’s priorities and her values in life, as well as her interests. It can be the day when she climbed Mount Everest or the day she met her ex at the most rogue party in her life.

What are you best known for among your friends?

She can turn out to be a record holder who drinks 2 liters of beer in 20 seconds or goes on 12 dates a week, or she can have a reputation for being a person who always comes to the rescue.

If your partner tells you something that means that she’s a good person, pay attention to how she responds: if she tries hard to praise himself, then you should be careful: she might lie to you.

What qualities do you look for in men?

Responsibility or a sense of humor? Independence or courage? A creative mind or kindness? Or, maybe, all these qualities at once?

This is one of the most important questions to ask online before meeting! Listen carefully to what she says, and think if you really match the image of her perfect boyfriend.

What stereotype about men do you hate the most?

The answer to this question will give you an idea not only about the girl's attitude to the opposite sex but also about the possible scenarios according to which she acts in relationships.

For example, she may think that a man does not have to be a breadwinner in the family and provide her protection.

If you could quit your job forever, what would you be doing?

Not many can say that they are doing what they love to earn a living. That is why you should carefully listen to the answer: it can help you figure out if the girl doesn't like to take responsibility at all!

questions to ask during online dating

What makes you nervous?

Public gatherings? Snakes? Clowns? Even if you won’t hear anything extraordinary, the answer will allow you to find out what your future partner is afraid of… or, maybe, you will find out that she has a brilliant sense of humor!

What can instantly make you reject a person?

Here you can figure out if your partner is intolerant of the shortcomings of other people and how she responds to them. It's one thing when a person does not tolerate a lie, and it is another thing when he is ready to run away from a date if she finds out that you had a relationship in the past.

What's the most ridiculous thing you've ever googled?

Such a funny question can help you learn a lot about your partner’s sense of humor. However, you should be prepared to hear an inadequate answer to your question!

What's the best advice you've ever given?

Answering this question, the girl may feel that she is sharing wisdom with you. In fact, the answer gives you an idea of what problems she had to face herself in the past or what problems she is working on now.

What is your most vivid childhood memory?

Childhood memories can tell a lot about her view of the world from an early age and what impact this had on her. It's also a great way to learn more about her past and discuss how you both grew up.

Best online dating questions for guys

As they say, you should start thinking about how to avoid divorce on your first date. We hope that our questions to ask a girl before dating will help you make your first dates as productive and promising as possible!


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