12 Hottest Female Soccer Players

Soccer and women are something that men cannot resist. Nowadays, women's soccer is developed, and it’s equal to men's game in terms of entertainment. Women's soccer has its own Messi and Ronaldo, and there are the strongest championships and major tournaments, like the Champions League and World Cup. But in this article, we won’t focus on what trophies hot women soccer players win, but just tell you about the sexiest ones in the world.

hot women soccer players

How Women Became Prominent Football Players: a Historical Reference

Ladies in England began to play soccer later than men. It happened only in the 1890s. They had far fewer occasions to get together: men's teams were formed in factories, while women kept the house and looked after kids. Nettie Honeyball took the first step toward equality.

In 1894, she advertised in a London newspaper for a team. About 30 girls attended the first meeting. They were mainly of London's middle class and formed the British Ladies Football Club, which is considered the first officially registered women's team in England.

Ten thousand people gathered to watch outlandish women's soccer and ridiculed the girls. Despite this, the British Ladies toured the country and in two years played over 100 matches. Since then, many things have happened, including several wars and revolutions, but women's soccer has always been reborn.

Why Female Soccer Players Are No Worse Than Male

Some cocky guys still think that women play this game worse than men. But that's not true at all! Girls may not always be physically fit enough as, by nature, they are still weaker than men, but other factors make girls great players. Let's see what makes ladies good at this sport!

  • Firstly, there is less drama in women's football. Ladies don't fall down, rolling on the grass, as it happens, men do.
  • Secondly, hot soccer girls don't have the same level of athleticism that men have, but they are better at learning techniques, which helps with team play.
  • Thirdly, men pay attention to how they look at the pitch when playing, while girls are passionate about the game itself.
  • Fourthly, women's soccer is not tainted by any corruption scandals. An avid fan would have no trouble recalling high-profile scandals with male soccer players. And how many scandals can we remember with female soccer players?

Twelve Sexy Soccer Girls

There is no better way to get a man's attention to a soccer match on TV or in a stadium than to bring two teams of beautiful running women onto the field. Let's find out the names of those female soccer players who quicken men's blood!

Lauren Sesselmann

female soccer players

Lots of people may be confused as to what is so special about blond women, and they have to attract men. Lauren Sesselmann is a lovely beauty and one of the hottest soccer players in the world, and her persona is able to dispel any doubts about that.

Alex Morgan

An American footballer, Alex Morgan, is a Tottenham Hotspur striker. She has a pretty face and a slender figure hiding the energy of a wild cat, which is released with all the aggression on the field. Alex is beautiful and, at the same time, looks sexually dangerous.

Jonelle Filigno

hot soccer girls

Overflowing with enthusiasm, possessing an enchanting smile, curly hair, dark brown piercing eyes, and a beautiful body, Jonelle is a role model for millions of women in sports. Her last game was for Team Canada at the Women's World Cup in 2015, and she officially retired from the great sport in 2017.

Liana Bochkovskaya

This girl began to shine in the football team when she was in high school. Having excellent athletic data, at the age of 12, she received an invitation to play in the soccer team. Her talent for scoring non-standard goals allowed Liana to join the Ukrainian national team. Now she plays for the Ukrainian team “Panthers.”

Anouk Hoogendijk

sexy soccer girls

Anouk is a charming player of the world who has been involved in amateur teams that won the Dutch Super Cup with Utrecht. Her unusual talent grabbed Ajax's attention, and they signed a contract with her. In the Netherlands, the midfielder Anouk Hoogendijk scored eight goals and won bronze medals at the European Championship.

Milena Dominguez

Milena is recognized as one of the hot female soccer players and a midfielder, showing a high level of play. This woman constantly hits the tops of football rankings of various formats. Beauty, talent, and success often go together.

Ksenia Kovalenko

hottest soccer players

Ksenia has been playing soccer since childhood. She started her career in the Kuzbass team “Kemerovo.” This tender girl is often told that she is too gorgeous for playing a male game, but that does not stop her. Even a severe ankle injury at the age of 14 didn't make Ksenia reconsider her priorities. Today, she plays actively and makes her fans happy.

Sydney Leroux

Sydney is beautiful not only physically but also as a person. One of the hottest female soccer players simply has an enchanting smile and a terrific figure. Besides being a gold medalist at the 2015 World Cup in Canada and a gold medalist at the 2012 London Olympics, Sydney plays football and leads an active public life.

Nayeli Rangel

hot female soccer players

Nayeli Rangel is a Mexican player and just a cute lady. The young athlete is aggressive and organized on the pitch, but she has all the qualities of a dainty Mexican with her vulnerability and sensitivity in real life. She is fresh, energetic, and charming.

Carla Humphrey

Carla herself is originally from Brampton. She grew up in a family where everyone is an ardent Arsenal fan. But since 2017, the Arsenal London trainee has played for Liverpool. Therefore, from a young age, the girl loves this ball game. This young and talented girl has thousands of subscribers on social media who follow her career and simply her lovely pictures.

Kaylyn Kyle

hottest female soccer players

Next on our list of famous female soccer players is Kaylyn Kyle — a midfielder for the Canadian women's national team. She doesn't play for any club, but that didn't stop her from becoming a player for her national team. Not only does she score well, but she makes all the men happy with her fantastic figure and hot photoshoots!

Selina Wagner

Selina is a midfielder for SC Sand in the Bundesliga. She believes that rough and brutal female athletes are a thing of the past, and now it’s important to maintain an attractive appearance. But it doesn’t prevent her from giving 100% during the game and achieving great results.

That's how they are, the world's best female soccer players. Football has always been a game for real men who are strong, determined, and can break the enemy. And, it would seem, there is no place for fragile, sweet girls , but today's rating proves otherwise. Based on statistics, attendance of sports matches involving women's teams is only increasing every year. Pretty female football players and their goals, feints, and unpredictability give a unique charm to this game!


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