10 Sure Signs She's Falling in Love with You

A guy who wants to build a relationship with a woman he likes will have no difficulty in identifying signs of attraction. You can find out if a woman is in love with you by some external signs and her behavior. This will give you courage and confidence, making you ready to take the first step.

signs a woman is falling in love with you

How to understand that a girl is not indifferent to you?

When a woman falls in love, different emotions and thoughts come to her head. She changes behavior on a subconscious level, becomes whiny and sentimental. All her thoughts are occupied by the object of love, sexual fantasies wake up. Signs a woman like you are easy to recognize. The main thing is to carefully observe the behavior of the woman.

1. Her behavior changes

A woman falling in love tends to worry in the presence of the object of her dreams. She often behaves nervously, gesticulates, etc. If the girl is sitting, her excitement is transmitted by a closed pose: she crosses her legs and hugs herself with her arms.

2. She looks at you with an interested glance

Ladies in love often avoid direct eye contact with the object of their attention. When a girl is in love, but can’t understand the feelings of a partner or is not yet sure of his reciprocity, she will look at him furtively. It is worth paying attention to this. Sometimes she may look at you differently. You can’t explain the origin of this look, but you feel that it is different. When it is directed at you, tension is in the air, and it makes both of you feel awkward.

3. She gets nervous when you’re around

A woman falling in love with a man straightens his hair, twirls a curl around her finger, looks away when you look in her eyes, answers inappropriately even to the simplest questions, and may blush over a trifle. This is because she falls in love with you, buddy.

4. She is jealous

This is one of those emotions that is almost impossible to hide if a person falls in love. When a woman has tender feelings, she will be jealous. It is worth taking a closer look at her reaction when you start flirting with other girls. The look of the interested girl, like the expression on her face, instantly transforms.

5. She doesn’t notice your flaws

What are the other woman falling in love signs? Well, women in love tend not to notice the shortcomings of their soulmates. They often romanticize the object of their attention. For girls, their men have no flaws.

6. She remembers everything

André Maurois said that the most striking memory is the memory of a woman in love. There is no second-rate information in it when it comes to a man she likes. Therefore, if you yourself remember what you said, you can check how comprehensive and bottomless her memory is.

7. She laughs at your jokes

Even if you are not a stand-up celebrity, and friends say that you have a specific sense of humor, she finds you funny. Maybe, she is not funny either, but she just sees in you something more than a bad comedian.

8. She is always in sight

If you periodically or constantly spend time in the same environment (work, study, relax together), for some reason, she is always there. Most likely, she deliberately chooses places so that you notice how beautiful she is today.

9. She listens to you carefully

In a conversation with the object of her adoration, a girl listens attentively, occasionally inserts remarks, and nods her head. One of the signs a woman is falling in love with you is that she empathizes with all your problems and gives advice. Men can easily check the interest of a lady – just start an uninteresting and boring topic of conversation for her, and if she listens to you with genuine interest, then she definitely likes you.

10. She worries when you are around

A trembling voice, a stumbling gait (especially when on heels), a scarlet blush on her cheeks, inappropriate remarks – all this indicates the girl’s tender feelings.

signs of a woman falling in love

What does a girl do to make a man happy?

In any relationship, you always want to be completely sure that your feelings resonate. So, how to understand that a girl loves you, and not someone else? Is it worth continuing to conquer her heart or is it better to try finding another equally attractive woman? To answer this question, look at the following signs of a woman falling in love:

1. She cares about you

Showing concern and adequate compassion is an indispensable definition of attraction. True emotion implies a constant sensitivity to the state of our loved ones. So, a woman will want to feed you, give you rest, wash clothes, and provide any help she can.

2. She shows interest in your life

…even bigger than you yourself do. For example, she is interested in your relationships with relatives, the number of ex-girlfriends, musical preferences, what you like to eat for breakfast, and what you do when you are alone.

3. She tries to get your attention

If a girl is trying to attract your attention by all possible means, she probably wants to be with you. Typically, in such situations, they look sad. After all, you must admit that any guy, having noticed a lonely sad girl at a party, will try to cheer her up. This is what she expects.

4. She ignores other men

This is one of the signs a married woman is falling in love with you. The woman who is in love with one particular man is indifferent to other men, even to her husband. Generally. Absolutely. For her, even Brad Pitt is not a match. No one causes emotions because there is only one man in the world for a woman in love. So, if a woman whom you suspect of love is actively flirting with other men, then there can be no talk of love.

5. She gives you gifts

What are the other signs a woman is falling in love? So, you may notice that a girl gives you gifts just like that. If a woman brings gifts often and for no reason, this is almost always a sign that she is deeply in love. Presents may be insignificant, but an indifferent woman wouldn’t give them to a man.

6. She always supports you

If you want to understand that a girl likes you, but she hides her feelings in every possible way, then analyze your communication. Reread messages in which you talk about situations where you were wrong. Does she support you? If yes, then, most likely, she feels something to you.

7. She lets you touch her

Are you still looking for woman falling in love signs? Well, here is one more: she hugs you when you meet, kisses you on the cheek, takes your hand, and so on. If you want to make sure that a girl is in love with you, do a little test when you meet and touch her hair. If she doesn’t like you, this behavior will outrage her.

8. She helps you

How to understand that a woman loves you? Look at these woman in love signs – she helps in word or deed in difficult situations and doesn’t leave you in trouble. Many great men have achieved heights in one or another area precisely because of the reliable loving support in the person of their beloved woman.

woman falling in love signs

How long does it take for a girl to fall in love with a man?

The girl is an amazing creature. Nobody knows what she might do the next second. What then can be said about falling in love? Still, when it comes to love, there aren’t many differences between guys and girls. Due to biological and social expectations, the process of falling in love may differ slightly between them depending on what each person may value.  

When a girl sees that a guy also feels minimal attraction for her, then the fire in her heart flares up even more. If a girl agrees to have a date with a guy, and moreover, it goes well, then, most likely, she will fall in love with him. This means that all the qualities that she gave the man in her head were justified.

So, how long can a woman’s attraction last and what does it depend on? And how to extend this period? When you first meet a girl, she likes you because you are a new guy in her life about whom she knows absolutely nothing, except that you are cute. She is very interested – who you are, what your work is, what you love, where you are, in a word, she is interested in everything. She imagines how you make love, how you kiss. If you provide the girl with comprehensive information about yourself within the first couple of days, she will very quickly lose interest in you. Having received answers to all the questions, the girl has nothing to think about, nothing to learn, nothing to fantasize about. Therefore, the more time you spend in personal meetings, in communication on the phone, the faster the girl will lose interest. So, the slower you move in seducing a girl, the more time you will spend together. The more you talk about yourself, the faster the girl will lose interest in you.

How to understand a woman’s feelings?

Now you know a lot of signs a woman is falling in love with a man. So, a man, realizing that a girl is in love with him, should try not to offend her. In general, it is very easy to push a person away, but if a woman is attractive and you really like her, then you can decide on the first step leading to a strong relationship. Even the most desperate girls in love always wait for the guy to do such an act himself, which will show them that they can hope for real mutual feelings. So, do your best to make a woman fall in love with you.


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