10 Hottest Female Golf Players Of All Time

Golf is considered to be a male sport.

This stereotype, for example, is strongly used in movies where rich and high-status men drive around a golf field on miniature cars and proudly swing the clubs.

hottest female golf players

We want to dispel this stereotype once and for all and bring you the top 10 hottest female golf players of all time who have made great strides!

Paige Spiranac

hot female golf players

American golfer Paige Spiranak is considered one of the most beautiful female golf players — she was even being accused of excessively “sexualizing” golf. Nevertheless, she managed to fight off the attacks of society and continued her professional sports career.

The daughter of a professional ballerina and soccer player, Paige followed in her parents' footsteps and decided to become a gymnast, dreaming of the Olympics. However, breaking her cap she was 12 made her look in a completely different direction.

She started playing junior golf in high school and later became the captain of the women's golf team in college. Since starting professional golf, Paige has traveled the world taking part in competitions and working as a model for several sports brands. She also began posting workouts that she followed to stay in top shape on the Web. These videos received have got thousands of views and inspiring comments.

Blair O'Neal

hot female golf players

Looking at Blair O'Neill’s professional shots, you might think that she is a model who just poses with a golf club. But you might be surprised to know that she is a professional golf player!

One of the hottest golfers, Blair has been passionate about the sport since she was 11. It was her father who supported her desire to become a professional golf player and sent her to a children's golf school. In Arizona, she is one of the most famous female golfers as she finished second at the age of 13 in the Women's Tournament in Western Europe. 

The girl has won the NCAA student tournaments twice, participated (and won) in “The Big Break” reality show about golf, she is the PUMA Ambassador and makes it to various kinds of TOPs of the hottest female athletes in the world. Of course, she also works as a professional model.

Аnna Rawson

hot women golfers

The 29-year-old Australian golfer not only has outstanding golf skills, but also a gorgeous body. Anna has been named “Most Gorgeous & Extravagant Golfer” by Vogue and “The Iconoclast” by Golf for Woman magazine.

In the early stages of her golf career, Anna did not have much success, but she worked hard to acquire decent skills and make a name for herself in the world of professional golf. In 1999, the international Junior classic tournament became the starting point in her career, where she managed to outshine many other players.

Then, in 2004, Anna made her way to the Australian national golf team, and that's when she became a pro. Now, she is one of the famous female golfers. In parallel with playing golf, she works as a professional model and also succeeded in starring in two TV series, where she played herself.

Beatrice Recari

hot golfing chicks

This Spanish girl is one of the hot female golf players who have seriously dedicated her life to golf, and she is one of the ten best golfers in the world. Beatrice even quit the University of Pamplona for a professional career.

She participated in many tournaments and has some great achievements: in 2011 she won one LPGA tournament and became the winner of the Solheim Cup team tournament. Also, Beatrice plays the cello, she’s good at drawing, dancing, and wakeboarding.

Beatrice is not just a beautiful and experienced golfer — she’s also a courageous woman: when she faced an eating disorder, she was able to defeat it and is now the NEDA Ambassador (National Eating Disorder Awareness).

Beatrice never had any shortage of fans, but she did marry her caddy (a golf assistant whose job is to carry sports equipment and give advice).

Belén Mozo

hot golfing chicks

Being a professional Spanish athlete today, Belen managed to win the British Women's Amateur Golf Championship when she was just 18 years old.

After four years of amateur golf, she became a professional golfer, qualifying for the LPGA. In 2012, Belén became the ambassador of Audemars Piguet, promoting the Royal Oak and Royal Oak Offshore watches. Also, Belén starred naked for the "Body Issue" sports calendar.

In addition to golf, this beautiful woman  is fond of fitness: she lifts weights, exercises with a Swiss ball, and has a bunch of training video lessons. Sometimes, she even moonlights as a fitness trainer. She is said to have the flattest belly of any female golfer on the planet!

Paula Creamer

hottest golfers

Paula stands out from many other hot women golfers for her achievements.

As a child, Paula (by the way, her nickname was the “Pink Panther”) practiced acrobatic dancing and gymnastics. She lived in a house that overlooked the golf courses. When she was 10? She started playing, and won her first children's championship in California at 12.

The professional golfer holds the world's second place with 9 LPGA victories. Her Sybase Classic victory in 2005 made her the second youngest LPGA sporting event winner, and she was ranked first in the U.S. in Women’s Open Golf Championship in 2010. She is now the reigning American golf champion!

Holly Sonders

hottest golfers

This stunning diva started as a golfer, and today she uses her talents in front of the microphone and camera.

As a teenager, Holly dreamed of becoming a golfer. She was attracted by the stylish game and the high-status world in which this game existed. At the age of 14, she successfully won American Junior Golf Association and UTC National Championship awards. A few years later, at Michigan State University, she managed to lead her team to victory in the Big Ten Championship. She also took part in the NCAA Regional Tournament and NCAA Championships, and also bagged the Academic All-Big Ten honor. After a serious knee injury, she got her journalism diploma and headed towards this field. That was quite easy as she was quite a famous golf star. Now, Holly Sonders is best known for her work on popular TV shows such as “Golf School” and “Morning Drive”.

Valeria Ochoa

hottest women golfers

The talented golf player was born in Colombia? But at the age of five she headed to Florida. Valeria wanted to become a professional golfer when she was only 6 years old. And, as you see her in our TOP, she managed to do that.

Valeria turned out to be so talented that she has won the title of South American champion twice. Still being one of the hot golfing chicks of today, Valeria, being now a mother of three, is still one of America's top 10 golfers!

Maria Verchenova

hottest women golfers

Maria is the first professional Russian golfer who is a full member of the Ladies European Tour. An attractive Muscovite, one of the hottest women  golfers in the world, she combines good golf skills and sexy looks, so she deserves a standing ovation!

Maria was the only Russian representative at the Olympic golf tournament last year. In Rio, Maria took 16th place. On the final day of the competition, Verchenova managed to make a hole in one — that is, to hit the hole from a distance of 142 meters with one hit!

Natalie Gulbis

hottest female golf players

Back in 1997, at the age of 14, Natalie joined the Women's Professional Golf Association (LPGA), becoming the youngest female athlete in the history of the Association. Gulbis shows herself as a strong golfer. In 2005, she became the first athlete to win a million dollars without winning a competition.

Leggy blonde Natalie Gulbis has been named Anna Kournikova in golf for her attractiveness, as well as her achievements in sport.

Golf is for everyone!

You may not know this, but golf is the only sport that still has official etiquette. You will never meet here someone who is poorly dressed or behaves indecently, as for this they can be disqualified and even expelled from the club.

Now, take good manners and tidy appearance, add the astounding beauty of a young girl with attractive curves, and you will get the image of the perfect golfer of all time!


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