10 Best Places to Find Love in the World

The Internet erases the boundaries between countries. Nowadays, you can find an interlocutor or friend on the other side of the world without any problems. In addition, there are no more obstacles for your dating life – you do not have to look for a loved one in the native land since you can cast in lot with a beauty from any country of the world. But where is the best place to find love? Let's find it out!

best countries to find a girlfriend


This country is famous not only for football players and the statue of Christ the Redeemer. Many have heard of the stunning beauty and femininity of Brazilian women. Indeed, hot Brazilian girls exude sex appeal and flamboyancy – they are spontaneous, emotional, and companionable. This is also reflected in the appearance of Brazilian women.

Bikini is practically their national dress. And local beauties can afford any revealing outfits because they are in great shape. Apart from everything else, Brazilian women are family-oriented and treat their chosen one with love, passion, and respect. A lot of men just dream of getting a Brazilian wife !


Swedish women are distinguished by their special natural beauty: they have perfect fair skin, beautiful hair in a natural shade of blond, and bright sky-blue eyes. Among blondes, residents of Sweden confidently carry the palm in beauty and quite often win various international beauty contests thanks to such particularity of their appearance. The noble Scandinavian beauty amazes not only men but also women, who unanimously admit that Swedes, whose appearance is generously peppered with a gloss of careless aristocracy, are among the most attractive women in the world. Along with that, Swedish women hate make-up that can be seen on the skin. This list also includes false and artificial eyelashes, nails, and hair. Therefore, these ladies prefer nude make-up.

If you want to start a family with a Swedish woman, be ready to lead a healthy lifestyle and eat right. Children in Sweden are protected from fast food, which is why there are practically no overweight people in the country. To protect their delicate skin (light skin is one of the most sensitive), Swedish women try to consume large amounts of omega-3 and omega-6 acids, which are found in fish and seafood.


If you want to find an attractive young lady with an exotic appearance, but at the same time modest and adoring her chosen one, then you should turn your gaze to bright Thailand. This is one of the top places to find love and build romantic relationships. After all, Thai women love to laugh and take joy, they are usually happy and contented with life. Besides, they are modest and behave a little diffidently in public places, but being alone with their beloved men, they are open and sexually-unfettered.

Most of the girls in Thailand are petite and look youthful. They try to stay fit, eat right, and look good for their husbands. In addition, Thai girls respect their spouse as well as his relatives.

best country to meet a wife


In fact, Slavic countries are the best places to find love in the world! And Ukrainian girls have a lot to offer their beloved men. Women from Ukraine love and respect their life partners, these ladies are able to help their loved ones in everything, from building a career to making a home feel cozy. Also, Ukrainian women  are known for their hospitality and domesticity. In addition, they are always ready to please their beloved men with delicious dishes.

It is important for Ukrainian beauties to look good and dress fashionably, they regularly manicure their nails, apply make-up, and wear stylish clothes – these are indispensable elements of their image not only for going out but also for home. Moreover, Ukrainian women are accomplished and well-rounded, their culture is similar to European, so such a lady will become not only a good mistress in the house but also a reliable business partner for a beloved man and his muse in creativity.


The distinctive features of Filipino women are domesticity and devotion to their men. Such a lady can be the treasurer of the family, set up housekeeping, nurture the atmosphere at home, and handle all economic matters, completely protecting her chosen one from doing household chores.

The Philippines is home to happy people, they often smile and have a great sense of humor. Also, Filipino women are characterized by stunning beauty: slender bodies, tanned skin, almond-shaped eyes, and wonderful dark hair. It is noteworthy that the local beauties retain their attractiveness for a long time and age better.


Russia is a huge country with a great number of women who want to marry a foreigner. Here, you can find completely different types of beauties, but all of them are distinguished by their concern for appearance and the desire to look faultless in any situation.

Educated and well-rounded Russian women can become good and affectionate wives who take care of the household and create comfort in the house. They are quite ambitious, achieve success in their careers, and make a significant contribution to the family budget. Moreover, they can help a man in running a business.


Chinese women are like graceful porcelain figurines – miniature, with a slender figure, shiny black hair, and exotic oriental features. They are modest and sober-minded, but at the same time, these ladies are notable for their bright personalities.

China is huge, there is a mixture of different cultures with their own languages, customs, and even economic levels, therefore, Chinese women cannot be two of a kind. The attitude of Chinese girls towards romantic relationships tends to depend on whether they are from urban or rural areas. Chinese women from rural areas are likely to be more conservative and family-minded, while ladies from big cities turn out to be more independent and self-reliant. But in general, Chinese women are caring, loyal, and gentle.


Japan can also be a great choice if you are looking for an Asian bride. Besides that this country is known for its vibrant culture, it is also the homeland of the most well-mannered women in the world. The developed economy encourages the majority of Japanese women to look for a husband in their own country, so there are relatively few ladies willing to get married abroad.

Japanese women look younger than their actual age. They take great care of themselves and are well-versed in fashion and style. In general, Japanese beauties are known for their grace and impeccable sense of taste. Education is very important to the ladies from Japan, so they are mainly well-trained. In addition, they have specific tastes in food, clothing, and pastime. But most importantly, a Japanese woman is very devoted to her husband and ready to do whatever it takes to make him feel like the most beloved man in the world.

best country to find a girlfriend


If you are looking for the best place to find love in Latin America, then it is worth considering the profiles of Colombian beauties. Colombia is characterized by a diverse and rich mixture of cultures, so this is reflected in the appearance of the local women. Nevertheless, as a rule, they have a beautiful golden skin tone, dark hair, and coaly eyes. Because of the tropical climate, most Colombians wear revealing and colorful clothing to enhance their vibrant beauty. These gorgeous ladies always attract the attention of all male tourists who come to this country. And this is not surprising, the local girls are breathtakingly beautiful – in many cases, by the merit of the top-class plastic surgeons that Colombia is famous for. But what's wrong with that if an already good-looking lady adds a couple of sizes to her attractiveness? 

Regarding married life, Colombian women are considered loyal, responsible, and understanding wives. They have a sense of respect for traditional values such as marriage, religion, and family ties. These ladies usually marry at an early age and build a strong and trusting relationship with their men.

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic acquires a reputation for being home to the sexiest and most gorgeous women in the world. Incredibly beautiful tropical beaches and no less magnificent exotic beauties – that's what the Dominican Republic is. The local beauties are well-educated, cheerful, welcoming, and vivacious. They combine African and Latin blood, and this is reflected in their slender figures, dark skin, luxuriant hair, and eloquent brown eyes.

Dominican women impress men not only with their looks. Marriage is a lifelong commitment for them, which is why they always hold sacred to familial ties. If you are a foreigner, you have every chance to win the heart of a local beauty. Dominican women do not value local guys too highly, because, as a rule, they are less rich and ambitious than Western men and are not very loyal, which offends faithful Dominican ladies. Consequently, if you consider adultery to be the norm, you should not even start courting a Dominican girl.


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