10 Best Asian Countries to Find a Wife

A mixture of cultures has always pitched out riddles for exotic lovers. When the local beauties have already been sick and tired, you want something unusual, subtle, and mysterious. That is why men start looking for romantic relationships somewhere outside their native country. Most often, they turn to erotic exoticism and seek meetings with Asian women. Therefore, meet the top 10 countries to find a wife in Asia .


Japan has always attracted exotic lovers. There is amazing nature, mysterious traditions, and unusual cuisine. It turns out that women living in this beautiful eastern country attract men from all over the world. And it is not surprising, because Japanese women are distinguished by wonderful external data and know well how to take care of themselves. The diminutiveness of these ladies is a longstanding trend. The smaller the weight and height of a beauty, the more chances she has to attract successful men.

In the traditional view of Europeans, Asian wives are obedient, quiet, submissive, deprived of a voice and many rights in society. However, such a simplified interpretation of the image of a Japanese lady does not correspond to the real state of affairs. Women are the driving force and the most active part of the Japanese population. But at the same time, they remain very feminine, easygoing, and unusually sensitive. In love, they are loyal and caring. Dealing with these ladies, you will never ask a question “Are Asian women good wives?” After all, the main life goal of Japanese women is to start a family and give birth to children. They are real preservers of the hearth.


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The beauty of Chinese women arouses keen interest and even outright envy among their Western peers. But in fact, the inhabitants of the Celestial Empire do not have any elixir of eternal youth. Perfect skin, fresh complexion, and lack of wrinkles and excess weight – all this is achieved thanks to the traditional Chinese lifestyle, in which the art of personal care is harmoniously combined with the principles of ancient Chinese philosophy. 

Moreover, these women work on themselves to attract the opposite sex. Before getting married, a Chinese woman should complete her studies and find a good job. In China, there is a universal formula: the trinity of the qualities of an ideal woman is written in three hieroglyphs: 白 富 美 (Bai-fu-mei) – white-skinned, rich, beautiful. So, all girls strive for this. It's interesting that there is also a trinity of important qualities for men: 高 富 帅 (gao-fu-shuai) tall-rich-handsome. If you have them, you can safely look for a Chinese woman to build relationships .


Mongolian women are good-looking, well-educated, and passionate about their work. The world is their oyster, and no one imposes their will on these ladies – they are strong and independent. Every fifth Mongolian lady has a university degree. 

Mongolian girls get married at an average age of 26, and most of them give birth to three children. These women never shy away from household chores. They can achieve success in their careers and at the same time run a household. Moreover, most women in Mongolia are ready to take charge of the family budget. They will never shift responsibility to their husbands, on the contrary, they do not mind doing everything by themselves. To say more, many Mongolian women want to meet a foreigner for building romantic relationships as due to the small number of local men, they find it difficult to meet love in their homeland.  


Like most oriental beauties, Kazakh women have swarthy skin, silky black or brown hair, and beautiful squinty eyes. Prominent cheekbones effectively emphasize the oriental shape of the eyes and make the wide, round face look more adorable. Gorgeous Kazakh women try to emphasize their unique appearance and its natural features with make-up. But these ladies use cosmetics very carefully as they know that they look spectacular and charming even without a lot of make-up.

To say more, Kazakh women are wonderful wives – this is one of the main pros of an Asian wife. Family always comes first for them. A married Kazakh woman never seeks a male company outside the family – she is faithful to her beloved man. In addition, Kazakh women love their children and exert every effort to make them happy.  


The words "beauty" and "Georgia" have been closely related for many centuries. The first thing that catches your eye when you look at Georgian women is their thick and lush hair. It is pitch-dark, like the blackest coffee, sometimes deep chestnut, and much less often dyed light. Georgian women take care of their hair (or maybe it's a gift of nature?) because it is always well-groomed and silky. The second thing that is impossible to miss is, of course, the eyes of these ladies. In western Georgia, they are often light: from the color of the blue sky to various shades of green. Velvet-brown and honey-colored eyes are usually in those girls who were born in the east of the country. But, whatever the shade, the gaze of Georgian women penetrates into the very soul.

It is fair to say that women are more meek and restrained in public than men. They still have a tinge of the mentality of “a silent and docile wife-mistress”. But at the same time, a Georgian woman is a strong personality who shoulders a large household and childrearing and also has time to go to business. So, happy Georgian women prove that it is possible to combine a favorite work and family life.


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Most men from all over the world consider that Thailand is home to gorgeous women. It would seem that these girls know some secret recipe for eternal youth. After all, many Thai women look significantly younger than other ladies of the same age. This fascinates guys, as well as the gracefulness and incredible shapeliness that are characteristic of almost all women from this corner of paradise.

Thai wives possess an amazing gift for turning a blind eye to the shortcomings of their chosen one, they strive to please their husband in every possible way and humbly cater to his every whim. European men are impressed by the ostentatious obedience of Thai ladies and their constant desire to please their beloved men. Such a lady looks at her soul mate with eyes full of love, listens to his every word, and simply melts in his arms. Moreover, unlike European women, Thai ladies are always temperamental in bed.


An Abkhaz woman captivates everyone with her beauty, couth upbringing, and gracefulness. She constantly takes care of her husband and children, cooks a variety of dishes, and cleans the house. She is hospitable, modest, and feminine, but in case of need, she can be courageous, brave, and fearless.

An Abkhaz proverb says: "There is no man who is not born of a woman." In traditional Abkhaz society, the honor and glory of a woman are carefully guarded. The wife is the husband's assistant in all matters and the preserver of the hearth. But wife, mother, and mistress are not the only social roles that Abkhaz ladies can occupy. A woman in Abkhazia does not just work, but builds a career, holds leadership positions, and even participates in local politics. Any man will be glad to have such a wife! And the best way to find an Abkhaz woman is to use dating sites for meeting an Asian wife online.


The real pride of this Asian country is Filipino ladies, whose attractiveness can be admired tirelessly. They are endowed with such a delightful appearance that they do not need any extra "embellishments". So, they barely wear makeup or crave fashionable clothes. Like most Asian women, Filipino ladies are small in stature – a graceful figure is their characteristic feature.

Many European men dream of meeting a Filipino wife. It is interesting that these girls are not averse to marrying a white-skinned foreigner. In fact, compliant and non-conflict Filipino ladies are a real treasure for marital relationships. They cook food and clean the house every day. Moreover, they love their children very much and are happy to raise them. Such a lady is a perfect wife who admires her husband and obeys him implicitly.


The beauty of Russian women is known all over the world. They are distinguished by lovely facial features and model type of appearance. In addition, these ladies have a gentle disposition, they are kind, sympathetic, and cheerful.

Russian women are used to caring for their loved ones and are ready to do anything for the sake of their family. Moreover, they often take over all the housework and do not force beloved men to help them. In addition, a Russian woman goes to work and makes her contribution to the family budget. Do you want to have such a wife? It will not be difficult for you to attract a Russian woman, as most of these ladies dream of marrying a foreigner.


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The appearance of ladies from Armenian is simply stunning! Most of them have nut-brown or black hair and brown eyes. Most Armenian women are endowed with seductive shapes and figures, but apart from that, they carefully look after themselves. Many Armenian girls are unpretentious and shy, which is also associated with the conservative views of their families. Despite humility, obedience, and respect for the older generation and for men, many women in Armenia know how to stand up for themselves. These girls are good and kind for some time to come – until someone pisses them off. This can be considered one of the cons of an Asian wife from Armenia. She can be hot-tempered, moody, and extremely stubborn. However, this feature is characteristic of all girls living on planet Earth.  

Armenian women are ideal wives. Most of them are very hardworking: the house of an Armenian lady is always tidy and clean, her children are well-fed, and the husband is happy. Family takes a pride of place in the life of this woman. She is ready to move heaven and earth for the sake of beloved people.


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